Yes! I am finished! Nigihsitan!

Tapwe kichi egisi apachiyahk awa mahtyi apachichikahn iskoh kiskinomatowigamikohk kiskinomagyagoh. I am so glad that we are finished using computers until we use them in our classrooms. I can honestly say without any doubt that I have learned a lot what I can do during this course. I have had my share of ups and downs especially when it came down to using the different devices. Just the other day my final project would not link. I had errors on the link so I finally had to use screen-o-matic and Youtube to publish my project.

Technology is the new norm and as long as I continue to learn how to use the devices to reach students in the classroom I know that learning will be fun. By using technology in the classroom I know that all students whether they are regular or come from diverse backgrounds they will learn. It might not be at the same pace but at least they will be engaged.

I tried to look at and read as many as I could and could not make up my mind on the ones that really stood out so I chose the above mentioned. I think that all of the tools that were listed were useful, some better than others and depending on how comfortable you are at using the tools. There are also tutorial videos to help the beginner set up and understand how to use the tools.

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Module 7

Socrative and Blendspace are the tools that I chose to talk about.

Socrative is a tool that is designed to help facilitate student learning in a fun and engaging atmosphere. This tool enables all learners to participate during class discussions while and at the same time it minimizes class disruptions by students that are less opt to answer questions openly in front of class. The teacher sets up each learner profile while at the same teacher has the ability to assess student performance based on real time data.

Blendspace is used to organize, assess and track student progress and it is absolutely free to join. I had to try  this tool to make sure that it was free and user friendly.  So I made a bogus lesson plan using this tool…not the best lesson plan but you can see how easy it is to use.

So as you can see both tools can be adapted to meet all learners in the classroom.

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Grade 6 Art Unit Plan


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Module 6 Reflection

This module has given me further insight into technological assessments which can be used within a classroom and with each subject area. Which one is the right one to use and does each School Division have their own assessment tools that are they currently using? or is it at the discretion of an individual teacher?

All in all this class been fun and exciting, frustrating at times, and enlightening now that we are just about at the finish line. Some of us may have walked the last stretch but hey we are on the homestretch. So give yourselves a great big hug, pat yourself on the back and tell yourself that you did an awesome job.

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My Final Beaded Projects

This project itself was very time consuming. I had to try and fit it as many hours as I could along with trying to complete my other assignments but in the end, the result paid off.  The beadwork itself takes up most of the time because it is tedious work. Sewing the pieces together does not take that long as long as you know what you are doing. I hope that you enjoy watching the videos. I tried to condense the amount of pictures to show step by step demonstration from beginning to end. There were times when I forgot to take pictures but you will see for yourself the process involved. I will list the following materials used for project just in case you decide to try it yourself.

Materials:  leather- hide or white leather, #33 white thread, #11  and #12beading needles, beads, thimble, scissors, brown paper.

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When I first looked at the matrix it looked very complicated but as I continued to watch the videos (almost half of the videos) I was able to see how teachers were using technology to teach different subjects. Teachers kept students engaged in activities which would probably be difficult to do in a regular classroom with the absence of technology. Students were also using technology to do their work rather than just receiving information.
Each matrix started at beginners level moving right through until students reached mastery levels. It is student centred rather than teacher centered. The teacher acted only as a facilitator and students were responsible for their own learning.

TIM wordle:

The videos also included resources to use with each subject. I thought this was very important especially for first year teachers that may be looking for resources.

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Bloom’s Taxonomy

I thought this was a beautiful flower using Bloom’s Taxonomy on Twitter.

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